April 22, 2007

Islamist Sex Propaganda

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One of the selling that Islamists use is that their morals are superior to that of the west. However this post from Joel’s Trumpet shows a dramatically different picture.It appears that the Saudis are guilty of extreme sexual immorality.

Although the Saudi regime has formal restrictions on pornography sexual immorality there is a lot of sexual sin under the table. The fact is Islamism does not address the core issues of immorality,which is a corrupt human heart. The fact that Islamism equates the Islamic state with the rule of Allah on earth does not provide an adequate reference frame to judge the action of an Islamic state and hence little resistance to both internal corruption which infects everyone involved from the highest officials of government to the masses. Nowhere in the Islamic world is this more apparent than Saudi Arabia.


April 11, 2007


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Here is a video documenting similarities between Nazi Propaganda and Islamist propaganda. This video covers in particular the indoctrination of children.

March 26, 2007

Meet the Engineer Who Demolished the World Trade Center

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Meet the engineer who masterminded 911.His name is Osama bin Laden. He is an engineer who comes from a family of engineers. Bin Laden earned a degree in civil engineering from King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah in 1979. He has the technical skills to do anything to bring down the towers,including controlled demolition.

His experience with the Mujahadeen and later al Qaeda would mean he would have access to a variety of missiles that could have been used in the alleged missile strike on the Pentagon.Anything that was done or alleged to be done on 911 was well within Osama bin Laden’s skills and capabilities.

While the so-called 911 conspiracy theories provide an alternate view of HOW 911 happened the provide absolutely no information that would prove that Osama bin Laden did not do 911. Why, then was possibility that 911 was a controlled demolition framed from the beginning as a government conspiracy rather than an alternative view of how al Qaeda may have attacked us. Islamist propaganda is the answer. We are being besieged by a Nazi-trained, Islamist propaganda machine. It is time to wake up. We must not allow Islamist propaganda to divide us or undermine our liberties.

March 10, 2007

Greetings from the Religion of Peace

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Here it is. a screenshot of a Hamas suicide bomber holding the peace sign with both hands and wearing around his waist a bomb belt. PEACE KA-BOOM.

There is something to be considered here. Islamists are very good at the propaganda game. The learned propaganda from the very best. The were taught the techniques of propaganda by the Nazis. This screen shot was taken from a Video titled Islamonazism. The point of that video that Islamists should be called Islamonazis since the are Nazis in Islamic clothing rather then Muslims. Here is that video:

I have written a page on my main website documenting the connection between the Nazis and Islamists called the Nazi Islamist Connection.

March 7, 2007

Islamist Propaganda

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I have come to the conclusion that 911 conspiracy theories is Islamist propaganda.The “terrorist” denial theories leaves many questions unanswered.If Bush did 911 and framed Osama bin Laden. Why did he not plant evidence to frame Saddam or plant WMD’s in Iraq? Why were no questions raised concerning the possible involvement of an Iraqi with Timothy McVeigh and Terry McNichols?If Bush is using conspiracy to set up an American Empire, then why did Iraq go so badly? If Bush is desperately trying to set up a dictatorship then why are his critics still on the street?Could anyone imagine what Hillary Clinton would do with the Patriot Act powers and secret prisons. If Bush was a Hitler he could easily kidnap his critics and wisk them away to Guantanimo.

The 911 Terrorist denial theories are too massive to be plausible. Real conspiracies are smaller, strategic and subtle. These are revealed by inconsistencies in the stories.Why does the left consistently cover up the crimes of Islamic radicals when their stated view would indicate that the should vigorously oppose them ? Why are the Leftist terrorist deniers trying so hard to get Islamist radicals off the hook in spite of overwhelming evidence against them. The answers to questions like these shows who’s politically in bed with whom and lead us to real conspiracies.

One such conspiracy is an Islamist conspiracy to re-establish a global Caliphate. They will first set up a regional Islamist Empire and Use their regional hegemony to control the United Nations and set up a world government.