March 10, 2007

Greetings from the Religion of Peace

Posted in Islamist Propaganda, Islamonazi, Islamonazism at 7:51 pm by dcnet


Here it is. a screenshot of a Hamas suicide bomber holding the peace sign with both hands and wearing around his waist a bomb belt. PEACE KA-BOOM.

There is something to be considered here. Islamists are very good at the propaganda game. The learned propaganda from the very best. The were taught the techniques of propaganda by the Nazis. This screen shot was taken from a Video titled Islamonazism. The point of that video that Islamists should be called Islamonazis since the are Nazis in Islamic clothing rather then Muslims. Here is that video:

I have written a page on my main website documenting the connection between the Nazis and Islamists called the Nazi Islamist Connection.


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  1. Gor said,

    duude i believe you. It was kinda weird to see a muslim with peace sign but still i believe u and if u have any more videos about it send it to me by email. TY and keep up the work ts ossom

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